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Co-op Connections® Card Saves Members More Than $48 Million on Prescription Drugs

Published On: July 23, 2012

Each and every month Touchstone Energy Cooperatives look out for their members by providing the most reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost. That’s the foundation of electric cooperatives and something we’re very proud of.

Another way we look out for our members is by providing households with the Co-op Connections Card. This member benefit card helps consumers save money on everyday expenses, from clothing to groceries, at thousands of local and national retailers. The Co-op Connections Card can also be used online and allows members to access special partner sites for additional savings from, veterinary services from Pet Assure, and money back on purchases from Best Buy, Target, and WalMart.

One of the most significant benefits that the Co-op Connections Card offers is the prescription discount, which helps save members money at the pharmacy. With the Connections Card members can save 10% to 85% off prescription drugs at over 60,000 locations, including national and regional pharmacy chains. Many local independent pharmacies also accept the card.  To date, cooperative members have saved over $48 million using the card.   

In these times of economic hardship our hope is that the Co-op Connections Card will help lessen the burden of every day expenses on pocketbooks. It’s just another member benefit brought to you by your Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.

To find out more about the Co-op Connections Card visit   You can also sign up for deal and discount alerts on Facebook and Twitter.

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