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Tip of The Day: Unplug electronics like cell phones, video games and televisions when not in use.

The Seasonal Switch

We are just a few weeks into autumn and many have already made the seasonal switch from cooling to heating their home. Not only do we bring out our favorite sweaters and pack away the […]

Published Oct 05, 2015


The Dog Days Of August Are Back!

The summer has flown by, but we still have quite a few weeks of hot weather left before we feel the relief of autumn.  Cooling your home is a large part of your monthly energy […]

Published Aug 11, 2015


Top Ten Tips For Saving Energy And Money

If you visit this blog or our twitter page frequently, you know that quick and easy tips on saving energy and electricity is a bit of an obsession of ours. Which tips deserve priority? Good question. […]

Published Jul 15, 2015


Shower Vs. Iron

Recently at the Connect 2015 Conference an attendee shared a pro-traveler tip: “When you don’t want to iron, give your clothes a steam bath in the shower and the wrinkles fall out. Someone tell Alan […]

Published May 21, 2015


5 Tips To Spring Into Summer

Spring is the perfect time to begin saving energy around the home.  By taking advantage of the mild weather, you can make the improvements needed to transition from the cold winter.  Here are five ways […]

Published Apr 30, 2015


Tip Of The Month: Laundry

Did you know that 90 percent of the energy used to operate a washing machine comes from using hot water?  A simple switch from hot to cold can save energy and money.  Also, consider air […]

Published Mar 24, 2015


Start Saving This Winter

As national temperatures continue to drop, the demand to heat our homes and offices increases significantly. Save money this winter by making a few New Year’s resolutions to save energy. 1) Door Seals: Cold air can […]

Published Dec 31, 2014


Deck The Halls With Lights And Safety

Fa la la la la…Yes, it is time for unraveling lights, stringing garland and flipping the switch with fingers crossed that all the bulbs work.  Decorating season is here, and there is no better time […]

Published Dec 04, 2014

Tip of The Day: Unplug electronics like cell phones, video games and televisions when not in use.