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Tip of The Day: Seal any leaks and cracks around the home with caulk.

Alert: Dangerous Icy Weather Ahead

Published On: February 12, 2014

A major winter storm is hitting parts of the East Coast with dangerous ice and snow and is expected to intensify Wednesday evening as it moves up the Eastern Seaboard. More than one inch of ice accumulation is possible from central Georgia into South Carolina through Thursday morning.

There are many dangers with large snow accumulation, but the biggest threat to our power lines is ice. Ice accumulation on power lines is problematic, but ice on trees is even worse. Falling limbs and trees can quickly take out power lines. If you see a problem with fallen trees or power lines, stay away. Do not touch the power lines. Call your local emergency services and notify your co-op.

Our cooperatives prepare and dispatch brave and experienced linemen to work around the clock to maintain and restore power, even in the most dangerous and frigid scenarios. Winter conditions can make if difficult to get equipment and crews to the site, and the restoration process can be complicated. Our skilled linemen crews are working hard in difficult conditions. They are truly the people power that electrifies our communities.

Here are a few preparation and safety tips for an outage.

1) Heating. When preparing to have an alternative heat source, there are a few things to keep in mind. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a real danger. Do not use a generator or unvented fuel-burning heat source indoors. When using stoves and fireplaces, be sure that there is proper ventilation. To be sure, a battery powered Carbon Monoxide detector should be installed.

2) Lighting, Weather Alerts, and Appliances. Have plenty of batteries, flashlights, and a battery operated radio or TV for weather alerts. If the power goes out, unplug major appliances and entertainment devices to protect them when the power is restored.

3) Supplies. For your safety, be sure to charge your cell phone so you can report an outage. Bookmark emergency services contact information and have a first-aid kit in reach. Stock up on blankets and sleeping bags, non-perishable foods and have a hand operated can opener.

During an outage, your Touchstone Energy Cooperative will do whatever it takes to restore power as soon as possible. Please be patient and thank a lineman for keeping us all warm.

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Tip of The Day: Seal any leaks and cracks around the home with caulk.