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Tip of The Day: Seal any leaks and cracks around the home with caulk.

The Seasonal Switch

Published On: October 05, 2015

We are just a few weeks into autumn and many have already made the seasonal switch from cooling to heating their home. Not only do we bring out our favorite sweaters and pack away the summer gear, but our home and energy habits also needs to adapt to the new season. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Update Your Thermostat
There are a lot of smart and programmable thermostats on the market. The key to successful savings is to make sure the thermostat is working around your unique schedule. When leaving the home, set your thermostat to lower the heat a few degrees. Once you return or shortly before you return, allow the heating system to recover around 68 degrees F.

Drapes and Blinds
Contrary to summer time, allowing direct sunlight into a home during the cold months is beneficial. Take advantage of the day time sunlight to warm the south side of your home. At night, close the drapes and blinds to create an extra barrier to prevent drafts.

Doors and Windows
Wind and drafts are more common during the cold months. There’s no better time than now to close holes, seals and gaps around exterior doors and windows. Use a door threshold or sweep at the bottom to keep your heat from escaping. Make sure windows are locked and the outermost frame sealed from allowing cold air in.


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Tip of The Day: Seal any leaks and cracks around the home with caulk.