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Be your members’ source for all things EV with our newest campaign

Published On: March 11, 2019

There are so many reasons to drive an electric vehicle:

  • An average savings of $850 annually on fuel for a driver who drives 15,000 miles a year
  • Low maintenance requirements due to less moving parts and no oil changes
  • Zero tailpipe emissions, helping drivers sleep better knowing they are benefiting future generations
  • A fun, smooth, quiet ride with great parking spots available for drivers to recharge at their final destination

As reported by Advanced Energy, electric vehicle (EV) growth is expected to rise across the U.S. Thousands of charging stations will be installed in the next few years. With adequate infrastructure in place, people will soon be able to drive coast to coast with plenty of plug in options.

When you combine this with the fact that EVs are decreasing in price and becoming more affordable for the average consumer, it’s only a matter time until your member-owners embrace this technology.

And when that time comes, your co-op needs to stand as the source of electric power and EV information. Now is the time to get prepared

Our new Drive Electric media campaign is here to support you in this effort.

  • Print Ads: three new ads have been launched that you can download, co-brand and use to connect with member-owners on their EV needs
  • Fact Sheets: seven new fact sheets are available to help you educate your members on this technology
  • Videos: eight new videos have been released to help you promote your co-op’s EV program and bust commonly held EV myths
  • Social Media Ads: three new grab and go options can be downloaded
  • Out of Home Ads: three eye grabbing ads are available to help you increase your regional presence
  • Case Studies: two new case studies have been developed to help your co-op see how others in the network are embracing EV technology

We hope this new campaign helps you engage with your members and encourage them to drive electric.


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