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Building a foundation of leadership

Published On: February 25, 2018

At Touchstone Energy, we believe one of the best ways to empower a vibrant co-op future is through the education and leadership of the youth of America. That is why we proudly support NRECA’s Youth Leader Council (YLC).

This year we sponsored the apparel of the 50 students who joined us at NRECA’s Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.

“Touchstone Energy is such a great supporter of NRECA’s youth programs. It has been wonderful to have Touchstone Energy as a partner, not only for Youth Tour and YLC, but as a business our alums look to for internships and careers. ” Youth Programs Coordinator Beth Knudson told us.

Tyler Overberger, student representative from Springer Electric Cooperative in NM, couldn’t agree more. “The Youth Leadership Council  been a great experience that has opened many doors and created opportunities. In fact it has inspired me to work for a Touchstone Energy cooperative.”



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