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Congratulations to the newest Brand Champions!

Published On: May 09, 2018

On May 9, Touchstone Energy Executive Director Lynn Moore named Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives (OEC) Marketing Director Janet Rehberg, Carrol Electric Membership Cooperative’s (EMC) Communications and Corporate Events Coordinator Kelly Hester and Delaware Electric Cooperative’s Manager of Communications (DEC) Jeremy Tucker as the 2018 Brand Champions.

The Touchstone Energy Brand Champion award honors the brand leaders in our network who have made exceptional contributions to building the brand locally and regionally. This year’s winners were announced at the 2017 CONNECT Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.

Janet Rehberg is an active Touchstone Energy Regional Member who serves OEC and Touchstone Energy with enthusiasm, professionalism and positivity. Janet fully embraces the brand’s slogan “the value of human connections.” She knows the importance of team work and sees the value in her relationships.

Janet has become a regional facilitator for the brand’s Road to Member Engagement workshop and has demonstrated her commitment to promoting the cooperative difference with her peers at OEC and electric distribution co-op employees across the state. While travelling to each distribution cooperative, Janet not only successfully discusses the benefits of Touchstone Energy’s resources, but is also able to point out specific programs that can serve each individual cooperative’s needs.

“Janet sees the value in her relationships with all the cooperative employees and truly works with each cooperative to help us do the best job that we can do. She is approachable, caring and friendly, which makes asking for her help easier,” Yvonne Ackerman, manager of marketing and member services at Carroll Electric Cooperative in Ohio told us. “Janet understands that her position – and her programs – have an effect on every employee and member of OEC.”


Kelly Hester is active in the co-op community and has earned the respect of her peers in Georgia, as well as nationally within the cooperative community, with the class, grace and knowledge she has shown in her time at Carroll EMC. She currently serves on the national Touchstone Energy Cooperative Relations Advisory Committee. Her enthusiasm and creativity in helping others implement these programs has made her a true ambassador of the brand, and her dedication in this role has influenced other co-ops in Georgia and across the country.

This has especially been true with Touchstone Energy’s energy efficiency programs. Kelly has used these resources to develop marketing and communication tools that that help Carrol EMC’s member-owners become more educated on steps they can take to improve energy efficiency and electricity costs. Kelly’s creativity in evolving existing programs already offered to her through Touchstone Energy has been so successful that she and her co-op have received local and national recognition.

“Kelly is a critical member of our team and the electric co-op industry. She lives the cooperative principles and it shows in her work and interpersonal relationships. I’m not surprised by her nomination as a Brand Champion for Touchstone as she represents all the values and resources that we all hold dear from Touchstone Energy. This award is well deserved, and Kelly Hester has a very bright future in our industry,” Jay Gill, vice president of communications & economic development of Carroll EMC said.

Jeremy Tucker is a willing contributor on the national Touchstone Energy Brand Strategy Advisory Committee and is appreciated for all he does in helping to guide the brand in a positive direction. Jeremy is not only committed to Touchstone Energy and his community, but also understands the value of having a positive relationship with the media.

With those strengths combined, Jeremy has had tremendous success with the Touchstone Energy social media #WhoPowersYou Program that showcases the achievement of community heroes. His ability to use this contest to engage with and inspire Delaware Electric Cooperative’s member-owners has been so powerful that three winners have been selected from within his territory over the past two years. However, he didn’t stop there. His passion for promoting these uplifting individuals was so contagious, that this contest, DEC, Touchstone Energy and the Delaware winners were featured in local media pieves.

 “Jeremy is full of new ideas and is a good representation of the four cores values of Touchstone Energy,” Dana Cochrane, director of marketing and member engagement at Hendrick’s Power, said. “The ways in which he promotes Touchstone Energy programs at his cooperative and his success with the #WhoPowersYou program makes him more than deserving of this award.”

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