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Connections Card Comes Through For Family

Published On: March 14, 2016

Karen Combs, manager of member services at Jackson Energy Cooperative in McKee, KY, shared the following story with us. It will be published in Kentucky Living next month. Stories like this highlight our member cooperatives’ relentless focus on returning value to their members.

Judy Poe was at a loss when the pharmacist told her the medicine her husband, Don, needed would cost almost $90.

The Laurel County family was already dealing with medical bills from Don’s cancer treatment and there was nowhere in the already tight budget to find an extra $87 for the prescription.

“I left that day without the medi­cine but the pharmacist told me about Jackson Energy’s Co-op Connections card,” Poe said. The pharmacist looked up what the price would be after the Connec­tions card discount and told her the medicine would be about $18.

Poe picked up a card at Jackson Energy’s London office, and got even better news when she went back to get the medicine the next day. With the Connections card discount, the antibiotic was only $10.23, almost a 90 percent discount.

“Without the card, I couldn’t have got his medicine,” Poe said, add­ing that the family doesn’t have a prescription plan to cover those costs. Poe, who has been a Jack­son Energy member for 15 years, said, “I left the pharmacy that day because I couldn’t afford the almost $90, but thanks to the card, I was able to go back the next day and get the medicine he needed.”

(Judy Poe, left, talked with Jackson Energy’s Member Service Representative Eleschia Anderson, right, about the Co-op Connections card discount)

The Poe family is just the latest to stretch their budgets by using the card. Since 2007, Jackson Energy members have saved over $423,000 on prescriptions with the card.

The card isn’t insurance, but a discount offered through a nation­al Touchstone Energy program.

The program isn’t only for fami­lies that don’t have an insurance prescription plan.

Jackson Energy member Julie King-Bolin found a way to save with the card after her insurance company raised the deductible for her prescription plan.

“My insurance recently added a high annual deductible for prescriptions,” said the Irvine resident, “making what was $12 a month in medicine over $150 a month.” She checked into the discount card, not really expecting to find much savings, but her out of pocket costs dropped down to $32 a month with the card.

“The website lets you compare costs on your medicine at every participating area pharmacy,” King-Bolin explained. “I couldn’t be happier!”

By Karen Combs, manager of member services at Jackson Energy Cooperative in McKee, KY.

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