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New Communication Campaign Launched: Your Source Focused on Cooperative Difference

Published On: September 15, 2019

What is it that makes you powerful?

Having a voice.

When you’re part of a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, your voice is heard–loud and clear. Because you’re more than a customer.

You’re a member.

Most important, you’re connected to all the other members in our community…

–From the new Touchstone Energy Powerful video

The new advertising assets in the Your Source campaign that we hyped in June has launched, just in time for Cooperative Month.  The campaign is focused on the cooperative difference and the changing energy landscape. The two themes, entitled Powerful and What Lies Aheadposition your cooperative as the trusted source. Each include video, radio, print, images and social media content that also meet the young adult member engagement criteria. Touchstone Energy will also be running ads/videos in the national media buy, which is targeted to co-op member zip codes, a benefit of digital media placement. The files are also available for cooperatives to locally tag and use in your local advertising because we know when you have a campaign running in conjunction with the national messaging the combined impact is great. And what co-op couldn’t find several way to use images and text that shares the message that, “The future is bright for Touchstone Energy cooperatives. You inspire us to find solutions. So we can provide the energy and savings you need, and knowledge you can use.”?

P.S. We filmed this new campaign in the LaCrosse, WI community with the assistance of Dairyland Power Cooperative, Riverland Energy Cooperative, Vernon Electric Cooperative and MiEnergy Cooperative, and debuted the pieces to their communicators last week to applause. Be sure to check them out and if you have any questions contact Mary Ann Cristiano, our Director of Marketing, Advertising & Digital Strategy.

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