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Drive to CONNECT EVent driver showcase

Published On: May 18, 2018

The Drive to CONNECT EVent was a huge success! Thank you to the six brave teams who made the trip across the country, and to all of you who followed their journey.

As we continue to compile data and prepare post-event reports, we want to share more about the teams involved in this epic EVent.

Southern Joule
Principal driver: Mike Smith
Co-op: Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina
City & State: SC
Vehicle: Chevy Bolt
Approximate distance: 2,116 miles

Follow their journey on Twitter.

Road Trip Recharged
Principal driver: Amanda Groethe
Co-op: Sterns Electric Association
City & State: MN
Vehicle: Tesla Model S
Approximate distance: 1,216 miles

Follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Pure Glacier Energy
Principal driver: Wade Harris
Co-op: City & State: MT
Vehicle: Model 3
Approximate distance:  644 miles

Follow their journey on the CONNECT app.

M-e, Mi Selfie & i
Principal driver: Mike McBride
Co-op: Gunnison County Electric Association
City & State: CO
Vehicle: Ford Fusion
Approximate distance: 410 miles

Follow their journey on the CONNECT app.

Alan’s Electrified Ride
Principal driver: Alan Shedd
Co-op: Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
City & State: GA
Vehicle: Toyota Prime
Approximate distance: 1,956 miles

Follow their journey on the CONNECT app.

Gas Kickers
Principal driver: Boyd Lee
Co-op: Ckenergy Electric Cooperative
City & State: OK
Vehicle: F150 4×4 Crew
Approximate distance: 1,154 miles

Follow their journey at https://ckenergyev.blogspot.com/.

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