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Essential Energy Conversations

Published On: September 29, 2017

As electric cooperatives, we all sell energy as a core business. And when you sell electric energy, an electric bill shows up to your member-owners once a month. And when money is on the line, member-owners get engaged and start asking many questions.

Cooperative employees field thousands of calls from member-owners every day:  “Why is my bill so high?”  “Why is the price of electricity so high?”  “Can you help me get my home more energy efficient?” And many more!

Touchstone Energy’s in-person course, Essential Energy Conversations, educates co-op employees on how to field and provide educated answers to 16 of the common questions asked every day at co-ops across the country. 

Chances are we all have been involved in conversations about power bills. Most people are surprised to learn that the cost of electricity has increased very little over the years. The driving factor has been increased demand or consumption which directly affects cost. Our needs for electricity today are far greater than ever before. Did you know that since 1935 we have seen electricity (kWh) increase only 2.4 times? Compare that to something as simple as coffee which has seen a cost increase of 50 times during the same time period.

Essential Energy Conversations helps address all aspects of these energy-related issues.

“Instead of price, we were challenged in class to have conversations about all the surrounding factors that cause usage to fluctuate. We were challenged to remain aware of the uncontrollable factors such as weather that also affects energy usage. Ultimately, we were challenged to having two-way conversations to understand our members’ needs so we can help them better manage their energy use,” recent attendee, Manager of Marketing and Energy Services Jake Thomas, explained.

The workshop also provides a review of energy efficiency tips and discusses construction, infiltration, insulation, as well as lighting options. The fixes to contributing issues can be easy if our members know what their options are.

For more information or to schedule session at your co-op, checkout this flier!


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