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February Educational Opportunities

Published On: January 29, 2018

Give your career development plan some love in February with these upcoming Touchstone Energy educational opportunities:

Feb 1 | CWB 3: Back to Basics | 12 p.m EST

Are you new to CWB entirely? Perhaps you skipped version 2.5 and haven’t used panel layouts before? Let’s take a step back for a moment and start from the beginning.

Join us to review how to create a very basic page for your site, using the most simplified approach possible – the page editor. The WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) tools still exist in CWB 3 and are still as important. Let’s review the available tools together so you know how to make pages for your site easily. We can also look at how you can add pages to your menu in one click. Next, let’s review how you can use the panel layout tools to organize content on your pages.  After we get the basics down, we will look at how the components can be used in combination with basic page building to get the most out of CWB 3.

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Feb 13 | Is Energy Storage an Option for your Co-op? | 2 p.m EST 

Energy storage is no longer a futuristic application, and it may benefit electric cooperatives – by curbing demand peaks, boosting grid reliability and supporting innovating applications like “community battery”. Touchstone Energy’s Partner, NRTC, is seeing a great deal of interest in energy storage among the membership. Working with SoCore, they have developed several innovative and cooperative-friendly solutions using storage as a stand-alone or in combination with solar systems. Senior staff from United Power will share more details about their energy storage efforts and NRTC, SoCore and Touchstone Energy staff will highlight considerations and options for electric cooperatives contemplating energy storage.

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Feb 16 | CWB Town Hall | 12 p.m EST 

The live stream CWB Town Hall series continues! We will cover CWB 3 questions, along with anything else that you may have on your mind about your CWB site or upcoming projects.

This session is always a relaxed, non-scripted event, where we answer and troubleshoot your web questions LIVE. This is a chance for everyone to learn together and benefit off of other member co-op questions being addressed on the spot.

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Feb 21 | Co-op Connections and iBennie Next Steps | 11:30 a.m EST 

In a few months, Co-op Connections will undergo a seismic shift to become better than ever! Teaming up with iBennie will give us a new web platform (still www.Connections.coop),  a state-of-the-art smartphone app, hotel savings, event ticket offers, new dining and event options and 400,000 new discounts in all!

Join program lead Scott Bialick and iBennie President Brad Renzelman as we give you a first look at what the site and app will look like and answer all your questions.

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Feb 21 | SES Coaching – Stage 1: What Makes a Compelling Vision Statement | 2 p.m EST 

We’ll discuss how a vision statement is different from your co-op’s mission and how to clearly articulate your strategic direction to your team.

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