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Get to know our new executive director

Published On: May 30, 2017

Lynn Moore transitioned into her role as executive director of Touchstone Energy on May 15 with a humble, energetic passion to serve. Having been a part of Touchstone Energy as an education and training facilitator since 2010 – in addition to her service as director of member relations and development at Indiana’s Electric Cooperatives for nearly 10 years – Lynn knows electric co-ops and is intimate with the shared values and aspirations of our network.

We sat down with her to pick her brain about her passions, goals and aspirations. Here’s what we discovered:

In your nearly 18 years of co-op service, how have you seen co-ops benefit from member engagement?
An engaged membership is a satisfied membership. But we can really only achieve this through positive interactions with our member-owners. Every tool and program Touchstone Energy offers is designed to aid co-ops in improving the relationships they have with their members. The Touchstone Energy education programs we have in place are a vehicle to promote the importance of member engagement to all employees, which includes directors and leaders.

Speaking of which, you have been leading the Road to Member Engagement and Service Excellence programs for years. Why do you believe these programs have been so successful?
Co-op employees have a desire to serve their members, and these programs collectively energize co-ops to promote a members-first culture. There is great energy surrounding the Service Excellence suite of programs because it involves the whole co-op organization and engages every employee group in a conversation about customer service.

Serving members is important at every level, and by experiencing the exercises in the programs, a dialogue is sparked that continues from the front door, into the field and throughout the entire building.

What do you believe is the driving force of the cooperative difference and how does it provide an edge to co-op success?
It’s important to point out that we are deliberatively different; in our service, relationships and commitment to community. And it’s this difference that allows us to be a standout in our business industry – not only in our business model, but in the relationships we have with our member-owners and business partners, built throughout the last 80 years. We provide reliable, affordable energy in a way others want to emulate.

Touchstone Energy cooperatives are built on integrity, accountability, innovation and community. But these aren’t just organizational values, it’s the way we live our lives. Those principles connect back to who we are, how we do business, how we respect others and support each other. It’s living the brand.

How are you taking this knowledge and incorporating it into your new role?
When you’ve travelled the backroads of America and have seen co-ops large and small, you have an intimate knowledge of how employees care about their community, and you recognize who you’re working for. It inspires you to make a difference. You see the needs first hand, and a fire is ignited within to help. My strengths are my relationship with co-ops and my passion to make this the best national brand it can be by empowering our cooperatives to be their best.

What are your goals for this new position?
We’re working on deliverables that are fresh, and different than what we might have done in the past, while still honoring our mission and values. These new deliverables will allow us to position our co-ops to be prepared for the future by engaging members, energizing the cooperative spirit and elevating co-ops to be the best at what they do and reach their full potential.

What will happen with the employee workshops after your transition?
We have a fantastic national facilitation team in place that’s ready to bring these programs and materials to your co-op. We worked hard to develop practical, impactful programs with quality materials, delivered by a knowledgeable and polished team, who will continue to lead these courses nationwide. They have co-op backgrounds and a passion for member engagement. The education programs have a solid foundation and dedicated people taking it into the future.

What would you like to share with the network as you embark on this new journey?
I want to reassure our Touchstone Energy members that they can count on this national team to bring the best materials and professional support, at a local level.  This team of creative and dedicated professionals is working for you to provide high quality materials specific to your cooperative needs. We are here to help you elevate your brand and reach your service and engagement goals.

What are your personal hobbies and interests?
I love to travel, see the country, meet people and make personal connections. Hearing others’ stories and truly connecting with them is something that brings joy into my life. And when I’m not busy doing those things, I love to read, cook and host my friends and family. Having family close and showing them that you care about them is a priority.


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