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Get up to speed on the 2018 Board of Directors Election

Published On: July 23, 2018

The Annual Electronic Business Meeting of Touchstone Energy Cooperative, Inc. will be held electronically on Thursday, Dec. 12, from 3-4 p.m. EST. Please mark your calendars.

The goal of this meeting is to conduct the business of the organization, elect board members and engage Touchstone Energy members in the election process.

Please find an overview of the upcoming election process as follows:

  • We will email each co-op’s CEO/GM to appoint their co-op’s voting delegate for this election cycle. The deadline for appointing voting delegates is Nov. 12.
  • At this time, co-ops affiliated with a Regional Member will have the opportunity to appoint their Regional Member as their voting proxy per the directions on the electronic form that we will provide.  The deadline for naming a proxy is also Nov. 12.
  • Once the official list of voting delegates and proxies is determined, we will send official registration “save the date” invitations. On Dec. 10, all official voting delegates and proxies will receive their unique voting instructions. If you are not a voting delegate, you can still observe the Annual Electronic Business Meeting at this link.
  • In the meantime, members have the ability to nominate qualified leaders as candidates for the election beginning Sept. 26. The deadline for nominations is Oct. 24.
  • Once we have received all nominations, candidate profiles will be available at TouchstoneEnergy.com/2018BusinessMeeting.
    • Please note, Touchstone Energy will support candidates by providing profiles for each, campaigning is up to each respective candidate.
  • The election will be held on Dec. 12 at 3 p.m. EST. We will announce the new board directors to the Board, the candidates and to the membership via Brand News as soon as validation efforts are complete.

Some key items to note for this election are:

  • Five seats are open to be filled this election.
  • Two board members, Carrie Law of Sioux Valley Energy and Clint Gardner of Coleman County Electric, will have fulfilled their board terms.
  • Incumbents Norm Fandel of Midland Power Cooperative, Tresa Hussong of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative and Karen Moore of Baldwin EMC will be seeking reelection.

A Touchstone Energy election FAQ that provides the timeline, nomination and election procedures is available at this link.

Thanks for helping to make this a successful meeting.

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