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Learn how to go beyond the card with Co-op Connections

Published On: May 16, 2018

The new Co-op Connections website and app are now available and better than ever! And we are happy to let you know that two online training opportunities are available for you to learn how to go beyond the card and help member-owners save with the Co-op Connections program.

Join us to learn everything from creating new admin accounts to navigating the back office. Whether you’re newly in charge of Co-op Connections or you’ve been promoting the card since its inception in 2005, this will be a great starting point to energize your program. Touchstone Energy Staff and Brad Renzelman, president of iBennie, will be on hand to address FAQs and then take your questions.

In addition, you can access launch templates and program fliers at this link. For additional questions, contact [email protected], 703.907.5627.

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