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Published On: April 03, 2018

Let your knowledge grow with these career development opportunities:

May 3 | CWB Deep Dive: Resource Central | 12 p.m EST

We all know that Co-op Web Builder (CWB) is a great tool, but what else is out there that you can use to make your site even better? Let’s explore some interesting options that you can use in combination with your CWB site. We’ll take a look at things like free icon bundles, social media feeds, weather widgets, photography resources and even wireframe builders. After this session, you’ll be able to use these awesome tools to obtain new results.

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May 16 | Information Strategy Planning | 2 p.m EST 

Without proper planning, data measures and metrics can result in a “garbage in, garbage out” situation. Join us to review different information planning situations and learn innovative ways to overcome common roadblocks.

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May 18 | CWB Town Hall | 12 p.m EST 

The live stream CWB Town Hall series continues! We will cover CWB 3 questions, along with anything else that you may have on your mind about your CWB site or upcoming projects.

This session is always a relaxed, non-scripted event, where we answer and troubleshoot your web questions LIVE. This is a chance for everyone to learn together and benefit off of other member co-op questions being addressed on the spot.

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May 22 | Energy Management Opportunities for Industrial Members | 2 p.m EST 

Looking for valuable information that will help an industrial facility stay within its energy budget? Join us to discuss industrial energy efficiency, including end-use technologies such as motors, boiler or furnace heating systems, compressed air, industrial heat pumps, induction heating and HVAC. You will learn to identify top energy-efficiency opportunities and potential savings for each.

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