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Plug into the Network: Kenergy Co-op Connections holiday shopping guide

Published On: October 09, 2018

It’s not too early to start thinking about helping your members save money this holiday season. In fact Kenergy in Owensboro, KY is releasing a full spread of Co-op Connections deals that are available for its members during the holiday shopping season this month. Check it out below!

“We release our Member Matters newsletter monthly and it has become tradition that our October edition features our Co-op Connections holiday shopping guide! Our members love seeing where they can save money and it also promotes shopping local,” Communications and Public Relations Specialist Leslie Neeley told us. “It further shows that electric co-ops are not just about providing electricity, but also about being fully engaged in our communities.”

Kenergy’s October newsletter is mainly comprised of Co-op Connections “Shop Local for the Holidays” features. The team highlights a front-page story about the benefits of the card, and the centerfold lists all discount-providing businesses and their offers.

Member Engagement Coordinator Jeanette Weedman is a champion behind the success of this effort. Jeanette told us, “I have a real passion for putting local deals on our Co-op Connections card. My goal is to add 4 each month. To date for 2018, I’ve added more than forty.” Every month Kenergy introduces these new deals in their newsletter.

The secret to Jeanette’s success? “I visit businesses as I can fit in my schedule. Some days they say ‘No;’ some days they all say ‘Yes!’ I think positively, smile and tell the local businesses that they get FREE advertising – newsletter, website, in-office handouts – and that all we are after is adding value to our card,” she shared. “I keep a data file for all my businesses and in August of each year, I email them to let them know that the October issue is coming.  To get even more support, I also extend an opportunity to place additional ‘Nov-Dec Only’ deals for the Christmas and holiday shopping period. If they do, I highlight them in red and list them on connections.coop. The August outreach also lets me know if a business has closed. I want our deals to be reliable and current, and this annual communication really helps.”

We applaud your great efforts, Kenergy!


Get to know the Brand Ambassadors who made this article possible:

Communications and Public Relations Specialist Leslie Neeley 
Member Engagement Coordinator Jeanette Weedman


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