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Plug into the Network | Using demand rates for member engagement

Published On: June 11, 2018

The 2016-2017 National Survey on the Cooperative Difference demonstrated that member-owners are most interested in hearing from their electric cooperative on how to lower their costs, even those interested in renewable energy.

Two of our cooperatives in Missouri, Platte-Clay EC and Howard EC, took a proactive approach to residential demand rates by building communication plans that strengthen their member engagement and empowered their members to save by addressing the issue of rising costs.

Platte-Clay EC deferred to a member advisory committee to collect feedback on communication strategies and gauge reactions to potential rate designs. They also implemented an education campaign geared toward its members focused on demand and energy.  Meanwhile, Howard EC launched a communication campaign aimed to inform its members about the drivers of power cost and their role in controlling it as well as introduce their new automated metering infrastructure (AMI) technology.

These outreach efforts directly resulted in mutual member understanding and engagement at both co-ops, as well as a successful implementation of rate changes.

This case study details the initiatives and strategies of both cooperatives as well as the resulting outcomes. You can learn more about these co-op successes by downloading the Demand Rates: an Opportunity to Communicate Best Practice Case Study on Cooperative.com

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