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It’s raining training in April

Published On: March 07, 2018

Shower yourself with career development opportunities in April.

April 5 | CWB Deep Dive: Perform a Site Audit | 12 p.m EST

If you manage your own website, it is important to ensure your content, links and media are on point at all times. This is especially true before launching a new website. You need to take extra care that everything is ready for prime time before pushing that big, green “live” button.

That’s why during this month’s CWB webinar, we will be doing a site audit together. Join us to review the complete process from performing your own site audit all the way through making your site live. This session will especially be beneficial for those who are almost ready to make a new site design live with Co-op Web Builder 3.

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April 16 | Energy Manger Spotlight: Microsoft | 2 p.m EST 

Relationships with key accounts are important to the cooperative business model, especially at the national level. Touchstone Energy invites you to hear from one of our national key accounts, Microsoft, as they share business strategies, energy goals and more.

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April 18 | Aligning Individual Goals to Compensation | 2 p.m EST 

Even when your strategy has been communicated well, employees must clearly understand how their individual job roles align in order to best support it, as well as adopt positive shifts in mindset and behavior. Join us to learn how to increase understanding, commitment and alignment around your strategy on the front line by tying strategic goals to employee compensation.

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April 20 | CWB Town Hall | 12 p.m EST 

The live stream CWB Town Hall series continues! We will cover CWB 3 questions, along with anything else that you may have on your mind about your CWB site or upcoming projects.

This session is always a relaxed, non-scripted event, where we answer and troubleshoot your web questions LIVE. This is a chance for everyone to learn together and benefit off of other member co-op questions being addressed on the spot.

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