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September Educational Offerings!

Published On: August 15, 2017

Join us as we fall into September with the following upcoming educational offerings and events:

September 7 | CWB Panel Potential 12p.m- 1p.m EST

*Note: This is an advanced course and may require a support tier to incorporate on your site.

This webinar will teach you how to:

• Create your own fluid layouts to accommodate custom designs.

• Make use of mini-panels and how it can fine-tune control your homepage layout.

• Utilize panel variants to make your articles or webforms have a custom layout.

• Control and activate 30+ layouts for your site.

This targeted training course will provide you the opportunity to examine a real co-op Case Study of an Orange Tier with custom panels!

Register now!

September 14 | Setting Your Social Media Strategy 2- 3p.m. EST

Are you flustered by Facebook? Irritated by Instagram? Generally stumped by social media? We’re here to help! Learn about the latest trends and tactics to tame this twenty-first century tsunami.

To join this session, click here.

September 15 | CWB Town Hall 12p.m-1p.m

The CWB Town Hall series continues. As always, bring your coffee and questions to get the answers you need about any CWB topic in a fun and relaxed setting.

Register Here

September 20 | Strategy Execution Coaching Session – Tools 1p.m-2p.m. EST

Having a strategy for your co-op is more than just a good idea, but a process that needs tools and recources in order to effectively execute.

This month’s Strategy Execution Coaching Session will showcase “Why Strategy Matters,” in addition to the various tools and resources available to Touchstone Energy member co-ops. Featuring hall-of-fame performing cooperative examples as well as illustrating the trouble spots on why strategies fail, this hour long session will help maximize your efforts and acheive best-in-class results.

Click here to register for this session.

September 26 | Solar 101 3p.m-4p.m. EST

Solar 101 is Touchstone Energy’s newest on-line course offering and it’s finally here!

Officially launching on September 18, Solar 101 builds on the foundation of the Energy Solutions Kick-start course. This course helps co-op employees better answer member-owners questions about solar— specifically rooftop PV.

This WebEx will provide an overview of course—objectives, audience and format. We will also review registration and licensing, how to get started and course content.

For more information or to register, click here.

September 28 | 2017 Board of Directors Election Informational Overview 3p.m-4p.m. EST

Believe it or not. The 2017 Touchstone Energy Board of Directors Election season is upon us.

On Dec. 14, 2017, we will hold the 2017 Annual Business Meeting for voting delegates to vote on their leaders. And there are many steps we have to take together between now and then.

We know that this process can be complex, and we want to make it as simple as possible. Please attend to get all your questions answered as we walk you through the process.

Register here.

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