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Message to Touchstone Energy Members: Stronger Than Ever

Published On: September 03, 2019

You may have heard about the NRECA Board Charter that instructs the Education, Communications and Marketing Committee to review and examine NRECA’s relationship to Touchstone Energy to determine if the agreements between the two organizations are effective and in the best interests of NRECA members.

Throughout this process, we hope to highlight the structure, activities and value of Touchstone Energy programs – as well as resolve some perceptions that there is redundancy of services between NRECA and Touchstone Energy. Our goal is to provide a better understanding on allocations of expenses, member financial commitment to Touchstone Energy and the responsibilities of the Touchstone Energy Board of Directors.

At the core of Touchstone Energy is a brand that unifies our membership and produces invaluable resources and support services that allow Touchstone Energy members to better engage and serve your members. Proudly, we stand here today, more than 20 years after the birth of the brand, stronger than ever. Here’s why:

  • Membership is stable with 723 members.
  • We are preparing to continue to serve our members successfully in the future by enhancing our already talented team of 16 staff members, with additional support in web development and member services. Additionally, the search for a new Executive Director will begin soon.
  • Touchstone Energy has positive equity, which provides the flexibility to adapt to changing member needs. Touchstone Energy is 100% dues supported and we are realigning our dues with a transparent and fair structure to ensure continued long-term financial health
  • More than 150 people who serve on the board, as a Regional Member, on a committee or who work for Touchstone Energy all contribute to the development of the brand programs and resources they use in their daily duties. It is because of this front-line member input that we have developed successful programs like Co-op Web Builder, Co-op Connections Card, the New and Emerging Technology Conference, Service Excellence and Road to Member Engagement Training and more.
  • Over the past two decades, Touchstone Energy has continuously evolved  to best serve member needs by elevating programs in high demand such as Co-op Web Builder, Service Excellence training, the NET conference and more. We adapted our governance model by establishing a one-member-one-vote election system and a pathway for non-affiliated members to serve on the board.

NRECA and Touchstone Energy cooperate in many ways to serve electric cooperatives across the country, and the majority of electric cooperatives are members of both NRECA and Touchstone Energy. That high level of participation is a reflection of the importance we place on our cooperative reputation and efficiently using our members’ resources to meet that goal.

The Touchstone Energy Board of Directors encourages our members to be active in this NRECA review process by attending one of the regional meeting listening sessions or by sending an e-mail to the committee. Your responses will help the NRECA and Touchstone Energy boards shape a conversation that will result in improvements in the ways each organization serves its membership.

Please direct your correspondence to: [email protected] or contact Doug Miller, Touchstone Energy Board President at [email protected].

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