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Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

Brand News

Restoring The Calm After The Storm

A cooperative’s ability to respond to natural disasters presents both their greatest challenge, and their greatest opportunity. Ice storms, flooding, hurricanes and tornados are difficult to predict and can devastate wide areas. When they do […]

Published Sep 29, 2015


Will Your Co-op Be Successful In This Ever-Changing Industry?

Strategy execution, strategy management, strategy implementation: whatever you call it, there could potentially be a gap between your strategy (what you say you need to do to create value) and what everyone at your co-op […]

Published Sep 17, 2015


Changes To Touchstone Energy Digitally

Later this year, we will be consolidating all our websites into one. TouchstoneEnergy.com will become the epicenter for anything and everything related to the brand. The best part is you can use TouchstoneEnergy.com, TouchstoneEnergy.coop or […]

Published Sep 16, 2015