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Teach Your Children About Electrical Safety

Published On: June 16, 2015


Electricity. It’s kind of like the Matrix: it’s everywhere and all around us, but how does it work? Many of us probably can’t say. More importantly, we sometimes underestimate just how dangerous it can be. Injuries and in-house calamities sparked by electrical hazards could be avoided if we only better understood and practiced electrical safety.

This rings particularly true for those youngest co-op members who won’t get that Matrix reference. This is why it’s imperative that you take advantage of your local cooperative’s many value-added benefits in teaching children about electricity.

The road goes two ways. As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Take the time out of your busy schedule to talk to your children about the dangers both inside and outside your home.

Be thorough and enthusiastic. Show your kids that being safe can also be fun. You want them to want to be safe around electricity. That means teaching them how to handle electrical plugs, outlets, switches and other devices. Keep it simple: this should not go into that, and so on. Also: what is electricity and what are its benefits.

If you catch their interest lagging, reel it back in with some appeals to their superhuman idols. Tell them how Thor understands electricity so well, which allows him to use it for his powerful hammer. Remind them of X-Men’s Storm, who can save the world with her electrical abilities. If those superhuman beings can appreciate electricity, surely they can as well.

Let them see the heroic nature in understanding how plugs work, particularly when it comes to what can be placed inside (hint:nothing). Each year, 2,400 children end up in the emergency room with injuries caused by inserting objects into electrical receptacles. That’s around seven children daily.

Kids aren’t the only ones at risk. Even adults have been guilty of overcrowding outlets, using frayed wires, leaving electronics on for extended periods of time or putting them next to liquids. The same guidelines applicable to children can be applied to you as well.


To add to both your personal resources and those provided by your cooperative, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives offers a bevy of fun and interactive videos and tools to give learning that extra spark for your children. Visit Together We Save and Kids Energy Zone to learn more about electrical safety. With time, your children will have all the necessary tools to be superheroes of electrical safety.

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