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Published On: August 24, 2017

Q: What Is the Value of Touchstone Energy Membership?

A: It depends on how many resources you utilize!

This truly is an FAQ, and we now have a great way for you to get a specific answer for your cooperative. In the upcoming months CEOs and GMs will receive an email asking they take five minutes to provide us with an inventory of the Touchstone Energy programs the co-op is using. Once we receive the responses, we will send a customized value proposition that highlights the co-op’s investment in the brand and even suggest a few ways to leverage programs to increase member-owner satisfaction.

Want an example? We reviewed the costs associated with six often-used resources available to Touchstone Energy members and calculated the dollar value associated with each. Check out the chart below and remember this is just the beginning of the savings you receive from your annual investment.

If you want to know more about how the value of membership was calculated, you can find full details in the About Us section of the Touchstone Energy interest area of cooperative.com. And just in case you can’t wait to find out the answer to the value question, the link to complete your online inventory is right here.

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