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Plug into the network | Helping members save money and energy one resource at a time

Published On: June 12, 2017

Employees at Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative (Carroll EMC) in Carrollton, GA are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their members. Communications and Corporate Events Coordinator Kelly Hester saw a need to provide member-owners with a fresh, new and up-to-date look on energy efficiency, but didn’t have the time to research the content. While at a Touchstone Energy advisory committee meeting, she was thrilled to discover that she, along with every other member cooperative in our network, can tailor and repurpose resources that Touchstone Energy provides to make it her own.

“It opened my eyes to the different things you can do with the resources Touchstone Energy provides,” says Kelly.

Kelly began her customization efforts by tailoring the “101 Ways to Save” brochure and promoting the “Home Energy Adventure” site.

“The simplicity of the programs is what drew me towards them. The simple vocabulary made them quick and easy to read, and I knew they would be helpful to member-owners,” Kelly explained.

“101 Ways to Save” is a booklet with 101 easy steps that encourages a person of any age to save both money and energy in and around their homes. Kelly decided to take specific content from that booklet and design a two sided push card that was customized to Carroll EMC’s member-owners’ needs. In April 2017 it was printed and posted in the office lobby of Carroll EMC for members to grab.

From there she turned her attention to “Home Energy Adventure,” the fun online-game that walks users through different elements of a home to teach them how to save energy, and subsequently money on their monthly bill. The handy online tool takes members through interactive quizzes that help sharpen their energy saving skills. To help position Carroll EMC as a trustworthy energy partner that wants to help their member-owners save, Kelly decided to advertise this tool. She designed a customized bill insert and a newsletter advertisement that pointed member-owners to the game and released it in May 2017.

The feedback received from member-owners on these campaigns has been celebrated on both the national and local level. When asked to describe the impact made on member-owners of Carroll EMC, Kelly humbly explained, “Promoting each campaign was good and effective. It showed our members that we care because we always put them first. We are progressive and continuously moving forward.”

Furthermore, she shares a piece of advice for other cooperatives out there, “Use the resources, they’re helpful and it encourages members to look at the information in a new and creative way.”

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