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“You’re Acting Like an Intern!” – A special thanks from Anne Harvey to our 2017 summer interns

Published On: August 23, 2017

Twenty five years ago, when someone in the office where I started my career serving member-owners muttered the phrase “you’re acting like an intern” under her breath in my general direction, it hurt.

But after spending some time with the three young professionals in the Touchstone Energy office this summer, I’d puff up with pride if someone said I was modelling their behavior.


  • Interns are outgoing and friendly: When an intern gets into the elevator they don’t realize they are supposed to just stare straight ahead. In college they haven’t learned that when the head of HR walks by, they are supposed to put their head down and type fast and furious in an effort to look very, very busy. No, they actually make eye contact with coworkers, chit chat every opportunity they get and even (GASP) smile.
  • Interns have a “Just Do It” attitude: Every assignment is a new opportunity to make a positive impression, and it’s much easier to have a positive attitude about an assignment when you’re doing something for the first time. Interns haven’t sent hundreds of emails that get ignored and haven’t gone to thousands of meetings that don’t produce results immediately, so they are willing to do these tasks with a smile on their face.
  • Interns take it to the next level without really trying: If you ask me to write a report, I write a report. This group gives you two different approaches to choose from with an infographic or two to boot. Don’t believe me? When they were asked to help us explain what it is like to be an intern for Touchstone Energy, they put their heads together and produced this video and awesome onboarding document.
  • Interns don’t know there are unwritten rules in the workplace: I know that you can’t just go out on the Internet and start using new software, but they don’t, and that’s how I got introduced to issuu.com. I know that if I need to organize a team I have to use Outlook, but they don’t, and that’s how I learned about GroupMe. They are naturals at leveraging technology and storytelling to engage and inform, and I was truly impressed with what they accomplished.

So special thanks to Logan Smart, Mykael Hyman and Kerisha Goode for serving Touchstone Energy members so well this summer! And while you’re hitting the books this fall I’ll be working hard each and every day to act just like an intern.

-Anne Harvey, Director of Member Relations and Communications

Thank you for all of your hard work and support this summer Mykael, Logan and Kerisha! You three rock!

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