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Your Source for Power and Information

The Your Source campaign features customizable print, radio and video / TV advertising for Touchstone Energy cooperatives. It highlights essential elements of the cooperative difference, and can be used to help educate member owners.

Campaign Materials

Voices - "Renee"

Voices - "Trent"

Voices - "Jerry"

Voices - "Manny"

Future Generations - "Andy"

Future Generations - "Gary"

Modern Family

Favorite Thing

My Energy

Power in Numbers

Superhero A

Superhero B


      Shareholders - 15s


      Shareholders - 15s (Alt)


      Shareholders - 30s


      Shareholders - 60s

Rain or Shine

      Rain or Shine - 15s


      Rain or Shine - 30s


      Rain or Shine - 60s

Me Too

      Me Too - 30s


      Me Too - 60s

Favorite Thing

      Favorite Thing - 30s (Local)


      Favorite Thing - 30s (National)


      Favorite Thing - 60s (Local)


      Favorite Thing - 60s (National)

Modern Family

      Modern Family - 30s (Local)


      Modern Family - 30s (National)


      Modern Family - 60s (Local)


      Modern Family - 60s (National)

My Energy

      My Energy - 30s (Local)


      My Energy - 30s (National)


      My Energy - 60s (Local)


      My Energy - 60s (National)

Power In Numbers

      Power in Numbers - 30s (Local)


      Power in Numbers - 30s (National)


      Power in Numbers - 60s (Local)


      Power in Numbers - 60s (National)