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Tip of The Day: Shut down the computer when you are not using it.

Stop Infiltration, Start Saving

Published On: August 15, 2014

Faulty seals, cracks, penetrations, holes, and more can all contribute toward infiltration increasing our energy bills. Cables lines, telephone wires and dryer vents are just a few of the many penetrations a home can have. At each instance it is important to make the openings airtight to keep warm air from getting inside in the summer and conditioned air from escaping. View examples of common penetrations below.



Visit your local hardware store to see the appropriate indoor and outdoor caulks, foam applications, and other ways to close and seal the penetrations. Detailed project sheets can be found and downloaded in our Home Efficiency Analysis Tool. Don’t forget you can always contact your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative for additional resource and energy efficiency support.

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Tip of The Day: Shut down the computer when you are not using it.