Smart thermostats allow you to take control of your energy use, save time and money and make your home safer.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Thermostat


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Have you considered purchasing a smart thermostat but haven't heard enough to take the plunge? Let's dig into some of the top benefits smart thermostats can offer you and your family to help you decide.

1. Decreased energy costs

An average American household spends between $1000-$2000 annually on heating and cooling. Equipping your HVAC system with smart technology can help you stay comfortable and save year-round.

A smart thermostat allows you to program a schedule with set temperatures based on your routine. You can be comfortable at home when you need it and stop wasting energy heating or cooling an empty house when you're away. With these intelligent devices, you'll likely save at least 10% on heating and cooling.

2. Easy temperature control

One of the best things about smart thermostats? You don't have to stick to a set schedule. Unlike regular programmable thermostats, smart thermostats offer the flexibility of switching up your settings whenever you'd like and from wherever you'd like. You can adjust your set schedule or even change the current temperature setting in real-time through a smartphone-connected app.

But smart thermostats can also do it for you. It learns your habits and daily routines and makes adjustments accordingly. A smart thermostat can even interact with other devices, such as your smartphone or fitness tracker, to tell how soon you'll arrive home or when you'll wake up. Based on that extra data, the thermostat can automatically adjust the settings without you having to lift a finger. Cool, right?

3. Enhanced safety features

It's not all about comfort and saving money; smart thermostats can make your home safer, too. Many smart thermostats are equipped with safety settings that can turn your HVAC system on or off — depending on the situation — and alert you immediately.

If your home reaches a temperature at which your pipes could freeze, a smart thermostat can turn on the heat. Some smart thermostats can also sense carbon monoxide leaks or smoke and turn off the heat as a precaution.

4. Tracked energy usage

Smart thermostats may adapt their settings based on your habits, but they can also help you adjust those habits to save more energy. Many provide reports or allow you to access your analytics in an app to observe how your energy usage has changed over time.

A smart thermostat can predict how your current habits will likely affect your energy costs over time and even suggest what you can change. That means you can save even more in the future.

Ready to upgrade? Smart thermostats are surprisingly easy to install thanks to an easy-to-understand instruction sheet or in-app instructions that guide you as you go. You're just a purchase, delivery and quick install away from enjoying these energy-saving benefits!

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