Saving energy is saving money. Tactics to save energy come in all shapes and sizes, including steps you can take today at no cost. Energy efficiency also increases the comfortability of your home, and makes larger projects worth the investment. Review our resources to help you become more energy efficient. Remember safety is important and is a priority at Touchstone Energy® cooperatives. The best way to prevent accidents is to review safety tips regularly. Learn more about our safety resources to help you use energy wisely and safely.

Energy efficiency brochures

Touchstone Energy® cooperatives can request 250 free copies of each of our energy saving brochures. Explore our guides on commercial energy savings, home energy savings, HVAC, and 101 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money (available in English and Spanish).

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Explore more detailed projects for upgrading the energy efficiency of your home. Whether a DIY’er or working with a contractor, these documents help provide detailed guidance.

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Questline provides residential and business consumers with up-to-date articles, infographics, and videos about energy efficiency, electrical safety, and more.