Touchstone Energy® offers members a wide range of web and creative services that showcase cooperatives' innovation.  Website development with the Co-op Web Builder program  offers the ONLY content management system built exclusively for electric cooperatives that is an exclusive benefit for all members.  

Cooperatives are the trusted source in their communities and having Information on energy efficiency and technology to share with members through their communication efforts is essential. Touchstone Energy offers co-ops several articles to increase member knowledge as well as the opportunity for customized content creation on topics of choice.  

High quality advertising assets are available to all members with the option of customization with the co-op’s logo.  There are two services to assist in reaching local audiences.  

Co-op Web Builder (CWB) 

Co-op Web Builder is a complete web platform solution to easily design, maintain, and secure your websites. It is the only content management system built exclusively for electric cooperatives and is an exclusive benefit for all Touchstone Energy members.  Take advantage of CWB to build, host, and secure your web site today.

Creative Services

Cooperatives can customize national advertising by adding their co-op logo and a call-to-action at the end of Touchstone Energy’s videos and animations for a small fee.

Additional services are available through Touchstone Energy’s agency to customize video, radio and social ads with a customizable voice over and graphics for a fee.

Tagging Sheet

Touchstone Energy Social

This service ensures co-op social feeds have positive and educational content that benefits their member-owners and helps balance the communications about operational issues and outages. Member co-ops opt-in to have content posted directly to their social feeds and review monthly calendars at no additional cost.

Website Content

Articles on energy efficiency, safety and technology enhance the user experience. Select articles can be downloaded for cooperatives to use on their sites. Articles, infographics, and videos with a blue icon that says “Embed this Story” are available to your co-op to post on your website and social media platforms. You can share the dedicated content either by using the public URL or by embedding the designated iframe codes on your site. New content is available each quarter.

There is an option to include an energy content feed directly on your site. This module will pull in 4 articles per quarter, as actual content posts on your website. This is a feature our Co-op Web Builder support team will be able to turn on for you by request. If you would like to receive Questline content imported to your live website, simply send the team a support request.