Touchstone Energy® regularly sponsors quantitative and qualitative research projects to provide cooperatives with data on consumer trends.  This data-driven resource and approach are one reason that engaged Touchstone Energy members consistently receive higher satisfaction scores than their peers in customer satisfaction ratings. 

American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®)   

Touchstone Energy cooperatives – both energy and internet service providers – can use the ACSI resources to track and measure their customer satisfaction, as well as benchmark their performance against regional and national peers and the energy utility industry at large.

Admire & Acquire  

Tried-and-true best practices from the Touchstone Energy cooperative network to aid co-ops in developing programs and educating members.

Front Porch Forum

This qualitative research platform is an interactive, invitation-only online space for co-ops to gather insights, attitudes and opinions from a small segment of their members on a variety of topics. Front Porch Forum is sponsored by Touchstone Energy.

National Survey on the Cooperative Difference  

This survey, sponsored by Touchstone Energy, is conducted annually by Cooperative Insights to provide cooperatives with key insights about how members view their electric provider, as well as evaluate member opinions of current and emerging utility industry issues and technologies.

Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC)

Touchstone Energy is a member of the SECC and regularly sponsors research studies on timely topics, such as electric vehicles, smart home and energy data, or electric rate options.