A “touchstone” was a tool used by miners to test the quality and authenticity of gold or silver. Today our brand, Touchstone Energy, serves as the national “gold standard” for co-ops, demonstrating excellence in service, community engagement and innovation.

No. Touchstone Energy is a national network of electric cooperatives that provides resources and leverages partnerships to help its member cooperatives and their employees better engage and serve their members.

Touchstone Energy is not a government or regulatory agency or entity. It has no jurisdiction or authority over its members. Touchstone Energy exists for the benefit of its members.

Cooperatives are owned by the members they serve and operate as not-for-profit organizations. Unlike conventional investor-owned corporations, cooperatives prioritize benefit for the consumer. Cooperatives operate on a democratic basis and every member has a voice in their cooperative’s governance.

Cooperatives answer to their members, not to shareholders.

Read the Seven Principles for more about the Cooperative Difference

Your utility service is not affected by your cooperative’s membership in Touchstone Energy. Membership provides your cooperative with a multitude of tools to save you money, from communication resources to member benefit cards. Learn more about some of the programs Touchstone Energy co-ops offer here.

Whether or not you can choose your energy provider depends on your state laws. Customer choice has been introduced in some states, but not nationwide.

Learn more about your state’s consumer choice here

The Touchstone Energy Cooperative network covers 56 percent of the country’s land mass and is the nation’s largest electric utility network. For a coverage map and complete listing of all Touchstone Energy co-ops by state, visit our Co-op Finder.