5 Ways To Save With Electric Vehicles


Thanks to the lower costs of fuel and maintenance, electric vehicles (EVs) can be a lot cheaper to own than gasoline-powered cars. But EVs can cost more upfront to purchase than other comparable cars.

If you're thinking about buying an electric car, but you're still suffering from sticker shock, check out these ways that you'll make up that money when you go electric.

  1. More miles for the money. You'll go a lot farther for your dollar when you switch from gasoline to electric. In fact, you could save hundreds of dollars a year or more with the switch.
  2. No more oil changes. Oil changes can add thousands of dollars over the life of a car. Electric vehicles run off batteries, which don't require oil, so you'll save money every time you don't need an oil change.
  3. Fewer parts to break. Did you know that internal combustions engines have about 500 more moving parts than electric motors? Sounds like more things that can break.
  4. Free charging. More employers, shopping centers and even municipalities are investing in public charging stations that are often free for customers — or anyone. You don't know of many places that offer free gas, do you?
  5. Free money. Finally, tax credits, incentives and rebates are out there, and they often make up for the higher sticker price of an EV. You can save thousands of dollars by switching to electric vehicles by taking advantage of all the savings that exist.

Get plugged in to what electric vehicles can offer and see how you can save money at the same time.

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