There are plenty of ways to take advantage of solar energy without putting PV panels on your rooftop.

How to Go Solar Without Rooftop Panels


Solar technology is become more and more cost efficient. But, that doesn't mean everyone can just put panels up on their roof.

For instance, what if you're a renter? Maybe your homeowners association doesn't allow solar. What if your house is covered by trees, or you just can't afford the upfront cost? Or, maybe you just want to be a part of of something bigger.

So, how can you take advantage of solar energy if rooftop panels aren't an option? You could buy solar power from your utility, which ensures that your energy use is offset by renewable energy production. Or, you could find a third party provider and enter into a power purchase agreement for solar power.

Both of these options are bundled with solar renewable energy credits, or SRECs. Even if you're not producing your own solar energy, you're offsetting your use with credits. And, you're helping to establish the market for solar energy production.

You could also become involved in a local community solar project where you invest directly into a project to generate solar energy. In turn, a percentage of the solar energy generated is credited to your bill.

You can even start your own community solar project. It involves research and planning, recruiting members and finding the best locations to build the solar arrays.

You don't need to put panels on your roof to go solar. Just find the way that best fits your life.


Contact your local Touchstone Energy cooperative to find what's available in your neighborhood. 

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