Programs that enhance cooperative membership

Co-ops joining the Touchstone Energy brand gain access to a wealth of member engagement resources, advertising and communications campaigns, employee educational opportunities, business development programs and cooperative performance resources.


Co-ops measure member satisfaction

Touchstone Energy cooperatives have access to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®). This is a national industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States. The ACSI score measures customer satisfaction and retention using four standardized questions about overall satisfaction, meeting expectations, comparison to an ideal utility company, and intention to choose your cooperative again.



Save more with the co-op retail loyalty program

Your Touchstone Energy® cooperative provides you with ways to save money. Using Co-op Connections®, helps you save on everyday purchases at hundreds of participating retailers. This nationwide program is a benefit to being part of the Touchstone Energy® network of cooperatives. You’ll find savings on prescriptions, restaurants, groceries, entertainment and more.

Communication resources that reinforce the Cooperative Difference

Your cooperative has access to advertising and communication resources as part of their membership. Innovative website development, high resolution video, social, print and radio ads reduces local co-op expenses by having turnkey options to promote services.

Energy Solutions that feature new technologies for energy efficiency

Touchstone Energy cooperatives are your trusted source for information on a variety of new technologies. They have access to a wide range of fact sheets on electrical vehicles, battery storage, smart home, advance metering, and solar power.

Educational opportunities that make your co-op the trusted source for information

Your co-op’s membership in Touchstone Energy provides them with a wide variety of educational opportunities that include conferences and training to enhance their expertise to deliver on their promise to you to be the trusted source for information.

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