With some simple adjustments and low-cost upgrades, you can save energy and improve the customer experience.

Small Business Saturday: Are You Ready?


Business owner standing in front of restaurant

Small Business Saturday is held every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's designed to help kick off the holiday shopping season and encourage people to "shop small" in their local community. It's also a great opportunity for you to increase sales and enhance the visibility of your business. Make the most of it by taking these steps to create a more comfortable indoor environment for your customers.

Set your thermostat for the season

Customers may be coming in from the cold. If so, they're probably dressed for the weather. Adjust your thermostat settings to account for seasonal attire. Also, consider how many people might be in your space. With extra occupants, the space might be warmer than usual.

Avoid setting the temperature too high. It might make customers feel hot and encourage them to cut their shopping time short.

A smart thermostat makes a smart, low-cost upgrade. They optimize savings and convenience by automatically adjusting temperatures based on your operating schedule. And, with remote control, you can quickly adjust temperatures using a mobile device from wherever you are.

Make things more comfortable

Comfort involves more than just thermostat settings. Cold drafts coming in through air leaks in windows and exterior doors can make comfort feel uneven. Check for gaps around windows and doors. Seal windows with caulk and doors with weatherstripping.

Next, make sure that all HVAC registers and vents are unblocked by equipment, furniture or displays. Blocked vents and registers can reduce airflow, making your heating system work harder and your space less comfortable.

Replacing air filters regularly will help optimize heating system performance and keep your indoor air cleaner. Replace your system filter before Small Business Saturday and regularly thereafter, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Put your business in the best possible light

Lighting creates an impression on customers of your business — good or bad. To avoid bad impressions, and increase security, replace any broken or burnt-out bulbs.

Conventional incandescent bulbs are highly inefficient, while fluorescent lamps provide poor light quality. LEDs are highly efficient, last longer and provide better light quality. By upgrading to LEDs, you'll allow your customers to see your business in a better light.

With these measures, you'll create a warm welcome for your customers, and you'll receive some welcome savings on your energy bills.

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