Although the term "phantom power" may be unfamiliar, most of us have tangles of cords for phones, TVs, computers and other gadgets in our homes.

Plug Smarter with Advanced Power Strips


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Many electronic devices in your home continue to draw power when they're turned off or not in use, wasting energy. Advanced power strips save energy by automatically shutting off power to unused devices. Simple to use, cost-effective and convenient, they're the smart choice for today's homes.

How they work

Smart strips typically have three types of outlets: one control outlet, always-on outlets, and automatically switched outlets. When the device plugged into the control outlet isn't being used, power is cut-off to all devices on the switched outlets. Always-on outlets are for plugging in devices that always need power, like cable box.

Power strips fit different needs

There are three types of smart power strips. Though they work in different ways, they all save energy by disconnecting power to electronic devices that are in standby or sleep mode.

  1. Timer-equipped smart strips are controlled by programmable timers. Devices plugged in automatically turn on or off at designated times.
  2. Occupancy-sensing devices are controlled by an infrared motion detector. These smart strips can sense if someone is in the room and turn plugged-in devices on or off accordingly.
  3. Current-sensing smart strips are controlled by a "master" outlet. If you plug your TV into the master outlet, your cable box and video game console will turn off automatically when the TV enters sleep mode. When you turn on the TV, the other electronics turn on as well.

Wi-Fi enabled smart power strips can connect to your home network, allowing you to control it remotely using your smart speaker or a smartphone app.

By plugging in with advanced power strips, you'll save energy and money while your devices will still be there ready to go whenever you need them.

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