Advancements in technology impact the energy industry, including how we generate, store and manage electricity usage. Technology has also placed more power in the hands of cooperative members like you, to better understand and manage your electricity needs. Your Touchstone Energy cooperative is working to integrate technology into your community, including understanding electric vehicles, battery storage, solar and more. This section shares more information about these technologies.

Solar panels

Since interest in solar power generation is growing, we put together a series of fact sheets to help answer questions you might have. Contact us for more information about solar and assistance in making decisions about whether solar is a good option for you.

Plugging in an EV

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a “hot item” in the auto world, with many auto manufacturers offering at least one model. Electric vehicles provide environmental advantages and, even though they may carry a higher price tag initially, tax credits and lower operating costs often balance out the initial investment.

Illustration of Battery Storage Units

Battery storage systems are growing in popularity as the technology improves, prices decline and cooperatives and their members recognize the benefits of energy independence, resiliency, renewable energy integration and financial savings. System installations are increasing in residential homes and businesses and at utility scale.

Co-op employee with homeowner and smart thermostat

Smart home technologies continue to grow in populariyry, and for good reason. They offer users more control, freedom and security over their homes and can improve comfort, energy use, the environment and safety. But they offer benefits for electric co-ops as well, who can tap into these devices and appliances to optimize the grid and improve its reliability, efficiency and health while supporting their members.

Electrical worker with a smart meter

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) -- an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks and data management -- is key to modernizing power generation and distribution to improve the reliability, affordability and safety of electricity delivery. At its core, AMI provides enhanced data collection and analysis that unlocks many new opportunities. Electric co-ops have been installing smart meters throughout the country to replace older electric meter technology, and they are now the most common type of meter in the U.S.