Brighten up your interior space with the latest home lighting styles and technologies.

This Year's Hottest Home Lighting Trends


Living room and kitchen at night

Changing up your home's lighting is a simple and easy way to transform a space. Whether your goal is to save energy or modernize your home, this year's top lighting trends can help you create the space you've always wanted.

Seeing LEDs in a new light

LEDs come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to brighten up your home and save energy. Take advantage of this technology to transform the style of your space.

Adding LED bulbs under kitchen cabinets can illuminate your countertop, providing bright, task lighting just where you need it the most. Considering some additions that are more fashion than function? Use a flexible LED strip to add accent lighting under your kitchen countertop, or where the counter meets the floor. These small touches can help you achieve the look and feel you want for your kitchen.

Exposed-filament bulbs are all the rage, but you don't have to sacrifice efficiency to go along with this trend. Edison-style LED bulbs come in multiple shapes — radio, globe, Victorian and more — and can fill your rooms with warm tones and vintage vibes. Many are fully dimmable to meet a range of lighting needs.

Looking up

From small chandeliers over your dining room table to clear pendants mounted above your kitchen island, this year's lighting trends offer plenty of ways to have fun with your fixtures.

There are multiple ways to nail this fad. Start with a set of identical pendants or mix and match with similar styles. Then, decide how you want to install them. For a neat, refined look, hang your pendants at the same height from the ceiling in a straight line above a counter or table. Or, strategically vary their heights during installation for a fun look.

Want to combine two trends? Use Edison bulbs in your overhead fixtures for efficiency and sophistication.

Taking hue into your own hands

Think lightbulbs aren't capable of making you more productive, changing your mood and saving energy all at the same time? Think again. Color-tunable bulbs have taken the lighting industry by storm recently, and for good reason.

Full-color tuning bulbs can achieve a full range of colors and be controlled wirelessly. That means you can adjust light color and intensity to increase alertness during the day and create a relaxing environment at night from a connected smartphone app.

Connecting your home

There are many ways to combine your LEDs or color-changing bulbs with other technology to make your home smarter and more efficient.

Use remote-controlled electrical outlets for easy and automatic lighting controls. Simply plug the switch into your outlet, and plug a floor or desk lamp into the device. Then, you can control your fixtures using the remote control from across the room! Many of these devices come with energy-monitoring features and standby power modes, helping you save energy automatically.

Want even more control over your home lighting? Use smart bulbs that are compatible with other smart devices — like speakers, thermostats, power strips and more — to control everything from one location; that could be through a connected smartphone app or even with voice commands through a smart home speaker.

Using lighting to change up your home's style and save energy? Now that's a bright idea.

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