You Can Replace Recessed Lighting with LEDs


Recessed lighting is one of the biggest energy hogs in your home. Replacing older bulbs and trim with energy-efficient LED fixtures will save energy in several ways.

First, LEDs are up to 90% more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs. Second, LEDs stay cool while incandescents give off a lot of energy as heat, warming the air. The warm air rises into unconditioned spaces like attics, pulling conditioned air along with it, which wastes your heating and cooling energy. Third, LED recessed lamps direct light downward. A lot of the light from omnidirectional incandescent bulbs never leaves the fixture. That means less light output is required from LEDs, saving energy.

A standard recessed fixture includes a bulb and separate trim piece, leaving gaps. An LED retrofit includes the bulb, an integrated trim piece, and a foam gasket that helps seal the fixture from air leaks. Also, because the LED stays cooler, air is less likely to be drawn up in the first place.

LED recessed lighting retrofits save energy, and that will make your home more comfortable and more efficient.

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