Bring your power outlets into the 21st century.

You Can Upgrade to a Smart Outlet


Bring your power outlets into the 21st century. You can install smart outlets to make your home more comfortable and efficient.

With smart outlets, you can control anything that's plugged into them from an app or a smart speaker. And while you're at it, why not get one with USB power ports for easier charging of a smartphone or tablet?

Upgrading your standard outlets to smart outlets is a simple job. There are two types of smart outlets — plug-in and in-wall. With a plug-in outlet, you just plug it in and add it to your system in the app. Easy, but not very aesthetically pleasing.

In-wall outlets have the same capabilities, but with a sleeker look. They just require some simple wiring.

Start by turning off the power to the outlet where you are working. Remove the outlet trim and the old outlet. Connect the wires — white to white and black to black. Attach the green wire to the bare ground wire in the box. Attach the wired outlet to the box and install the new trim. Download the outlet control app and add the outlet to your system.

Upgrading to smart outlets gives you more control over your home, helping to make it more comfortable and efficient.

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