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Plug In To The

Power of your membership

Your electric co-op is just that ... yours

​Membership in your local Touchstone Energy cooperative is a powerful thing. It means you have an energy source you can trust to look out for your community’s best interests, not its own bottom line. That’s because your local Touchstone Energy co-op is owned by the very members it serves – built to deliver its members reliable electricity at the lowest possible price. So as a member, you hold all the power.


In addition to supplying you with low-cost electricity, your Touchstone Energy Cooperatives membership provides you with even more ways to save money. With the Co-op Connections® Card, co-op members nationwide save on everyday purchases at hundreds of participating retailers, including an average of 46 percent savings on prescriptions.

  • Prescriptions
  • ​​​Restaurants
  • Groceries
  • Entertainment
  • And More

Every Member Has A Voice

The best part about being a member of your local Touchstone Energy cooperative is just that … it’s your energy cooperative. You have a say in how your local co-op is run, because membership also equals ownership. Being locally owned, operated and democratically run means you can trust your co-op to focus on members’ needs, local priorities and decisions that are best for your community.


​Keeping electricity just as affordable as it is reliable; it’s something you can count on as a member of your local Touchstone Energy cooperative. In fact, they’ve been doing it for decades. While the average price of everyday items has continued to dramatically rise over the past 75 years, the cost of electricity has remained a great value for co-op members.

The Value of Electricity Shines

Compare the costs of these everyday expenses and see how being a Touchstone Energy co-op member pays off.

  • CAR TIRES THEN $3.69
    NOW $150
    38x INCREASE
  • BACON THEN $0.38/lb
    NOW $4.51/lb
    12x INCREASE
    NOW $25,015.00
    38x INCREASE
  • ELECTRICITY THEN $0.05/kwh
    NOW $0.11/kwh


Powering your everyday life with safe, reliable electricity. As a member of your local Touchstone Energy cooperative it’s something you can depend on. And that’s a powerful feeling, because electricity is more essential to energizing our lives and keeping communities connected than ever before.

Electric Co-ops Run on People Power

The dedication and knowledge of the hard-working men and women of your Touchstone Energy cooperative is the power you can always depend on. Their commitment to provide reliable, affordable electricity has kept family, friends and community connected for generations. And thankfully, people power is one energy source that can never be depleted.

Serving the Front Lines of Your Power Lines

​Touchstone Energy Cooperatives linemen brave the elements every day and night to ensure power is always running to America’s co-op communities. Because no matter if rain, sleet, snow, heat or wind threatens your electricity, it’s still our human element that’s the most powerful.