Touchstone Energy® Announces 25 Co-ops with
Top 5 ACSI® Scores for Q2 2023 

Touchstone Energy is pleased to recognize 25 member cooperatives that received the top five ACSI® scores for energy utility services among all participating Touchstone Energy cooperatives in the second quarter of 2023.

The top five scores in that period ranged from 88 to 92, which compares favorably with electric cooperatives’ annual average score of 74, as reported in the ACSI Energy Utilities Study 2022-2023. Congratulations to the following Touchstone Energy member co-ops for their outstanding scores.


*Scores are included in this quarter's release based on the date the score was reported to Touchstone Energy by ACSI.

Top 5 ACSI Scores in Q2 2023
Touchstone Energy Cooperative Score
Midwest Electric, Ohio 92
Wheatland Electric, Kansas 92
Four County EMC, North Carolina 91
Logan County, Ohio 91
Sam Houston Electric, Texas 91
Blue Ridge Energy, North Carolina 90
Coastal Electric Cooperative, Georgia 90
South River EMC, North Carolina 90
Blue Grass Energy, Kentucky 89
Central Alabama Electric Cooperative, Alabama 89
Community Electric, Virginia 89
Darke REC, Ohio 89
Lane-Scott Electric, Kansas 89
Otsego Electric, New York 89
Prairie Energy Cooperative, Iowa 89
Sioux Valley, South Dakota 89
A&N Electric Cooperative, Virginia 88
Brunswick EMC, North Carolina 88
Butler REC, Ohio 88
Carroll EMC, Georgia 88
Grundy County, Iowa 88
Medina Electric, Texas 88
Pioneer REC, Ohio 88
Powder River Energy, Wyoming 88
Union Power Cooperative, North Carolina 88

Cooperatives interested in getting an ACSI score or participating in other member satisfaction research should visit the ACSI Research page.

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