Safely Powering Your Life Every Day

The electricity that powers our lives has become so commonplace that people sometimes forget the importance of using it safely. But no one makes electrical safety more of a priority than your local Touchstone Energy cooperative. They’re the experts who practice it and rely on it every day. Tap into their knowledge with these tools and tips to reduce preventable accidents and help keep every co-op member safe in and around their homes.

Electricity is a powerful resource and is the backbone of our daily lives. We rely on it and we never forget: safety is a top priority. The best way to prevent accidents is to review safety steps regularly. Learn more about our safety resources, take the safety quiz and review our safety checklist to help you use energy wisely and safely.

Home Electrical Safety Checklist

Use the interactive Electrical Safety Checklist to make sure your home is as safe as possible.

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Bedroom Safety Checklist
Kitchen Safety Checklist
Laundry Safety Checklist
Living Room Safety Checklist
Bathroom Safety Checklist
Garage Safety Checklist


Electrical Safety Quiz

Test your knowledge and learn if you’re using electricity safely.

Safety Articles

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