The Touchstone Energy® Electric Vehicle Car Club provides opportunities for co-op members to gain a greater understanding of electric vehicles and participate in a community with other EV owners.

EV growth and adoption is on the rise and offers the same reliability, safety and features found in traditional vehicles at a much lower total ownership cost. In fact, automakers are investing $330 billion in the technology by 2025.

The savings of EV ownership are evident after just three years of ownership according to the analytics firm We Predict, with service costs being almost a third lower than gas-powered vehicles.

Being part of your co-op’s EVCC means you get a front row seat to educational opportunities on ownership and charging options and have some fun with EV activities sponsored by your co-op.

Club membership is free, just sign up with your local co-op below:

  • Touchstone Energy branded club with local chapters in co-op communities
  • Provides educational information on electric vehicles
  • Participate in local events

Your co-op is the trusted source for all your energy needs and electric vehicles are part of the mix in energy efficiency.

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Middle Tennessee Electric

Middle Tennessee Electric EV Owners

Middle Tennessee Electric


A car club where ownership isn’t required

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Freeborn Mower Electric Cooperative

Freeborn Mower Electric Cooperative

Freeborn Mower Electric Cooperative


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Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative

John Telsa Looking Under Hood

Polk Burnett Electric Cooperative

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